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(v1.1 August 2009)
If you are a first time user of Harmony, installation instructions can be be found included in the download file. Installation is straightforward, so no need to panic.

If you are updating from an existing version, please remember there is no need to redownload the script. Simple select Update from the iTunes menu in X-Chat Aqua to automatically connect, download and install the latest version.

If you are replacing an existing version, delete the existing installed version of Harmony and follow the instructions included to reinstall.
Changes & Improvements in Harmony 1.1

Harmony 1.1 is our "Snow Leopard". No new features have been added, instead focusing on refining the existing feature set, improving speed, reliability and functionality making the experience to the end user much more enjoyable and usable.

  • - Show command changed to only "/itunes"
  • - Show now autodetects tracks and streams and works accordingly
  • - Broadcasting tracks is no longer available for anti-spamming reasons
  • - Minor corrections to help function
  • - Applescript performance improvements and optimizations
  • - Corrections to various pieces of code syntax
  • - Volume control now prompts for volume value in a dialog window when running /itunes volume from the IRC input line
  • - Cancelling new theme installation no longer returns an AppleScript Error
  • - User is now notified on completion of a new theme installation

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