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Harmony is an extension for X-Chat Aqua that allows you to completely control iTunes. Using a sleek interface and simple to use controls, you can share your musical tastes with friends and contacts.

The extension works both ways. You can also control and manipulate iTunes via the client window, including but not limited to playing and stopping of tracks, a random track selection, playlist management and more. You can even send current playing files, such as compositions and podcasts, to fellow IRC users with a single click. No special hardware or software necessary, Harmony accomplishes everything using IRC standard features and protocols.
Attention users of X-Chat Aqua 0.17.0...

With the introduction of X-Chat Aqua 0.17.0 (available from http://www.uplinklabs.net/~tycho/projects/xchat-aqua/) the IRC client now uses an updated XChat 2 Perl Interface. Unfortunately this is not 100% backward compatible with the older interface in 0.16.0 and earlier. Existing versions of Harmony, including the new v1.1 release, do not work on this new version of the Perl interface.

Our new primary focus is a new version of Harmony written to take advantage of the new interface in X-Chat Aqua 0.17.0 and future versions. Development on this new version is nearing completion, however we are currently awaiting bug fixes in 0.17.0 (primarily with the menu functionality) before we can roll out this new version. Users that have not upgraded to the latest version of X-Chat Aqua will still be able to use these new versions, however over time certain functionality may arise that only works in the newer versions of X-Chat Aqua. Themes remain unchanged from previous versions and will continue to work in the new builds.

Supercharged. Harmony sets the benchmark for speed in its segment. We've optimized every last piece of code for peak performance, and improvements are still being made with every release. Themeable. Harmony features a radically redeveloped theme engine that allows the addition of third party themes quickly and easily. It even has individual profiles for individual user accounts.
Visually Appealing. One of the most requested features was a cleaner look and feel. Harmony delivers on this promise with easy to use menus and windows to control and operate features. Functional. One extension is all you need. Three track announce modes are built in, along with a complete toolbox of iTunes controls. All accessible from the menu bar.
Advanced. Simplicity doesn't have to compromise advanced functionality. Simple GUI controls are built in, but we've also included text mode commands for more advanced users. Share & Transmit. Harmony includes a built in file transfer system to share current playing audio or video from iTunes. (Relevant Copyright & Anti-Piracy laws apply)
Automatic Management. Set it and forget it. Harmony will do all the necessary installation steps, handle script updates and keep itself in working order automatically. Free. The best price is no price. Install it and enjoy it, we'll even support it, for absolutely no cost.

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